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Our Vision.

The vision of PPLUS Expedited is to provide a single source solution for your urgent, time-definite and extraordinary value freight needs. The team at PPLUS Expedited  feels that every customer's shipment is the "Golden Package." 


Our mission is to make the freight shipping experience a pleasant experience with multiple service options while exceeding our customers' expectations by providing "Best in Class" custom solutions  for customers' products and value-added services with a personal touch. 

Our Solution.

PPLUS Expedited provides premium transport and distribution services, designing and implementing solutions for transporting your valuable assets from point of origin to point of consumption or utility efficiently with the utmost care. PPLUS Expedited specializes in urgent, time-sensitive domestic and International freight including air, dedicated surface, time-definite and temperature controlled moves to satisfy every customer.



Our Services.

PPLUS Expedited offers a "Best in Class" shipping solution for your urgent, time-sensitive freight needs. We strive to exceed every customer's expectations by providing custom solutions fit specifically for our customer's products and value-added services with a personal touch.


The PPLUS Expedited Team will provide you with excellent customer service accompanied by numerous transportation options to solve your logistics needs. 


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